Crunchy Potato Salad

WHY IT’S GOOD FOOD: -Red skin potatoes are low on the glycemic index. That means that they will satiate rather than stimulate your hunger. -Potassium and compounds called, kukoamines, give potatoes blood pressure-lowering power. -Red bell peppers have pack more vitamin C than an orange. -Mustard seeds have Selenium and Magnesium that are great for […]

Ginger Zest Purple Yams

Let mother nature indulge your taste buds with this dish for a main course or a dessert (if you believe in desserts).  The purple yam is eaten by centurions in Japan and helps your joints stay lubricated.  Ginger is a catalyst for many healthy reactions in your body and the cinnamon is great for blood […]

An Aspirin a Day May Take Your Vision and Hearing Away But there are alternatives…

   It is commonplace to have people over 60 come in to my office and be taking an Aspirin a day for cardiovascular concerns.  That was recently questioned in an article in the 19 June 2012, Vol. 156. No. 12 Annals of Internal Medicine.  Christopher M. Rembold, MD concluded that Aspirin for primary prevention reduces […]

Gratitude with Dr Adam Fields

The Gratitude Effect

We are inundated with serial tasks to keep up with our busy lives but is there enough time to just stop and be thankful? New research suggests that stopping to feel and express gratitude is key to our health and happiness level. In fact, expanding a capacity for deep abiding appreciation is one of our […]

Spiralizing for the Fennel Beet Grapefruit Salad

Fennel, Beet and Grapefruit Salad

It has been said that we should ingest all the colors of the rainbow. Well, this salad is a crowd pleaser and a trifecta of colorful health. First there is the anise-like taste of the fennel bulb. Fennel is widely used as a digestive aid that stimulates digestive enzymes. Food is whisked through your body […]