When typical probiotics let me down

In 19 years of practice in San Jose and Los Gatos I had never carried a nutritional supplement in my office until this happened…

Premature Infant Given Prophylactic Antibiotics and X-rays

7 Weeks Premature

On 8/3/16 my twin girls, Stella and Perla, were born 7 weeks premature.  Stella came home two weeks later but Perla had struggles that kept her at Stanford Hospital for 40 days.  During this time, I was working and going back and forth from Saratoga to Palo Alto almost daily. My wife would tend to Perla and I would take Stella on a walk.  It was a trying time for my wife and me but we were thrilled to have our family together.

At home, we had to closely monitor Perla when she ate as, at times, her heart rate would go down and her oxygen levels would fall.  This eventually passed but she was left with severe constipation what would lead to pain and crying.Premature Fraternal Twins Given Prophylactic Antibiotics

I put my doctor’s hat on and went to work to find the cure.  Of course, she was getting her spine adjusted, her diet was breast milk and I was making a homemade formula.  There was raw milk, raw cream, fermented cod liver oil, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, high vitamin butter oil and a host of probiotics, to name a few.  The probiotics were a trial and error. I was on the phone with sales reps, heads of companies and pediatricians but, hundreds of dollars later and nothing was working.  

It had been a year and I was at a chiropractic convention.  A Microbiome Labs rep was setting up his booth and, still on my quest to help Perla, I asked him what he was all about.  He talked about spore based probiotics and, initially, I didn’t really get what he was saying but all I cared about was if I could try them on an infant.  He said, “yes” and I put in an order.

What is a spore based probiotic?

Bacteria, when they are in a probiotic, are delicate and need to be refrigerated to survive.  A spore form of a bacteria, on the other hand, is resilient and a survivor that can last for years without being refrigerated.  In fact, it can be heated to over 200 degrees without dying. The spore is a fallback position for the bacteria: a way of keeping the species going in case of a harsh winter, a drought, etc..

This made sense.  The probiotics I had been giving my daughter were not making it through the harsh 1.5 to 3.5 pH of her stomach to reach her intestines where they needed to populate.  Would the Spore-biotics be different?

The package came. I opened the capsules and put them in with her homemade formula.  We began to see a change a week in and at a week and a half she was very consistent with beautiful poops and no crying.  My darling was cured of constipation and her daddy had made a discovery.


Functions of the microbiome/gut bacteria/gut flora.

We have 9 times the bacteria than cells in our bodies.  Obviously, gut flora is important. Digestion, brain health, immune system function, inflammation levels, well-being, protection against pathogens and nutrient synthesis all heavily rely on a healthy gut.  

The problem with Perla came when Stanford decided to give her prophylactic antibiotics.  There was no infection but they thought they’d give them to her anyway. I found out too late and, after having to get a social worker involved, pressured the neonatologist to take her off of the pointless and harmful killers of the microbiome.  Big mistake!

Why did the other probiotics not work?  

When probiotics didnt work - Spore based probiotics changed her life

A healthy Perla at age 2

Recent studies show that most of the bacteria taken in by traditional probiotics do not make it past the stomach and, when taken in large doses, those that do make it to the small and large intestines tend to dominate the GI tract.  There are approximately 1000 different species of bacteria in the human gut. So, trying to guess which bacteria we need can be challenging.

What makes the microbiome labs spore based probiotics different?

Microbiome Labs Spore Based Probiotics Changed Our LivesThe MegaSporeBiotic has spores that are modulators.  They have been shown to increase the diversity of the bacteria in the gut and don’t just promote the reproduction of themselves. These probiotics can “fertilize” the gut to promote the “good” bacteria and produce their own micro-antibiotics to kill unwanted “bad” bacteria.  More balance is created and overgrowth or undergrowth is eliminated.

Further results started to come in.

Now I started using protocols on my friends, family and people in my office and, for the first time in my Silicon Valley practice history, I started to get results from probiotic therapy.  My wife had been severely bloated since her pregnancy….gone.

I had dealt with some funky gas for years…gone.  People began to tell me things like,

“My stomach is the flattest it’s been since high school”

“Our daughter doesn’t have her cashew allergy anymore”

“My 30 year bout with constipation is over”

“The weight-loss is so much easier”

“My brain is sharper”

“I’m happier”

“My autoimmune disease is gone” and other, unexpected benefits.

The dilemma…

The supplement reps never stop wanting me to sell products in my San Jose and Los Gatos offices but I was never a fan.  It seemed a little “cheesy” and I would just send people a link to buy vitamins and other supplements on their own. After the results we were experiencing, I had to give the protocols of Kiran Krishnan (microbiologist) and Microbiome Labs to everyone that needed it.  So, I began to carry their products. We offer the MegaSporeBiotic, HU58, RestoreFlora, Mega Precision Prebiotic, Mega Mucosa, Immunoglobulins and K2.


Why might you need gut restoration?

Things that destroy our gut flora:

Drinking, showering or swimming in chlorinated water


Herbicides from non-organic produce

Meats and poultry with antibiotics and hormones

Hand sanitizers

Over-the-counter pain medications

Excess Alcohol


Symptoms that may mean you need gut restoration:

GI Symptoms like bloating, constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea or gas

Difficulty losing weight

Yeast Infections

Food Allergies/Insensitivities

Urinary Tract Infections

Autoimmune Disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Eczema, Lupus, Psoriasis, etc.

Parkinson’s Disease



And many others

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