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“Since I was about ten years old I have suffered with seasonal Allergies helped with endonasal cranial adjusting done with a balloon at Dr Adam Fields office in San Jose, Californiaallergies.  I used over the counter and prescription medications. With all of them, my body would build up a resistance to them and I would suffer. I began to receive steroid shots in my nose to treat the problem. It began with one time per year, then two times per year until I received the cranial adjustments from Dr. Fields. Once I received the cranial adjustments in 2007, I have not had any seasonal allergy problems!!  No shots. No medication. And this has lasted for years now.”
Lisa Higdon – San Jose, CA

“Since I was 7 years old I suffered from seasonal allergiesYoung man gets help with pollen allergy at Fields Family ChiropracticEvery day in the spring time I would have a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezing.  For many years, I took prescription medication and then moved to Allegra.  Since having five cranial adjustments, my pollen allergy is gone!”   Dylan F. – San Jose, CA


“I finished my first series of cranial adjustments and things are Get rid of allergies with cranial adjusting at Dr Fields'shifting in a good way.  I breathe easier, wake up better and have a sharper mental focus. My left eye was chronically dry and it is improving.  Also, I moved back to San Jose 4 years ago and since then I have had bad allergies which make me congested all day.  Since the treatments with Dr Fields, I no longer have the allergies!”  Deanna Rosenthal – San Jose, CA


Better breathing with Balloon Endonasal Cranial Adjusting - Dr Adam Fields Chiropractor San Jose, CAI have only had three visits and for the first time in 23 years I can breathe through my nose. My sleep has begun to improve and I look forward to continued treatment.

Nicole Rancatore – San Jose, CA



Dizziness, Vertigo and Balance Problems Helped with Endonasal Cranial Adjustments

“I had dizziness and a loss of balance for more than four years.  When playing with my kids I would have to stop due to the room spinning around me.  After a series of endonasal cranial adjustments with Dr. Fields the problem is 100% gone.  I also have improved mental clarity and better breathing.” Dr Rich Avila – Chiropractor, San Jose, CA



“When I was very young I started to get ear infections.  I would Ear Infections Gone Through Care From Dr Adam Fieldsget four in a row and be on antibiotics all the time.  My dad says it probably started with my mom’s rough delivery.  She was in labor for 24 hours!  After seeing Dr Fields only a few times, my ear infections are gone.  They lasted 7 years and now it has been over two years now and I have not had one infection since being treated with Dr Fields.” 
Gabrielle A. – Gymnast,  San Jose, CA


Helped with Glaucoma with Endonasal Cranial Adjusting and Dr Fields“I was diagnosed with Glaucoma and my doctors at Kaiser were very concerned.  My Tonometry reading for intraocular pressure (IOP) was 22.  This could lead to blindness. After cranial adjustments with Dr. Fields my IOP is down to 16.  This is totally normal!  Thank you God and thank you Dr. Fields.”
Deacon Brian McKenna – San Jose, CA

Hearing Helped with Endonasal Balloon Cranial Adjusting - Dr Fields“My hearing loss had gotten pretty bad and I thought it was just old age.  I mentioned it to Dr Fields on one of our chiropractic appointments and he suggested adjusting my skull with a balloon.  We did one series of treatments and my hearing is back 100% in my right ear and 75% in the left.  I do not need to have the TV volume up high anymore and “what?” is no longer my most popular word.  Thanks Dr Fields!”Ray Ventura – San Jose, CA


“Since 7 years old, I was tormented with the agony of regular Help with Migraines Through Endonasal Cranial Adjustingmigraines. They came a minimum of one time per month.  Going to school or work would be impossible when I had my migraines.  Six months ago I went through two series of cranial adjustments with Dr. Fields and haven’t had a migraine since.  What an incredible change in my life!”
Kim Davis – Raleigh, NC


“When I was in 6th grade I cracked my skull open on the side of a swimming pool.  This started a lifetime of daily headaches and regular migraines.  When the migraines hit I would lose my vision and be totally incapacitated.  I lived on 8 Advil a day and when the migraines hit I would take whatever the doctors wanted to give me.  The drugs (A full range of migraine medications) just made me sick.  Four years ago, I had a series of cranial adjustments with the balloon from Dr Fields.  37 YEARS OF MIGRAINES AND HEADACHES ARE NOW GONE!”

Therese Valdez – Santa Cruz, CA

I had nasal blockage for more that 10 years.  I lived on Nasal Blockage helped with Endonasal Cranial AdjustingVicks.  My nights were a pure nightmare.  I would wake up more that 5 times per night gasping for air.  Getting up in the morning it felt like I had been in a battle all night just to get my breath.  Dr. Fields did one series of cranial adjustments on me (5 visits) and I can breathe!  My sleep is without disturbance.  I now wake up refreshed and clear headed.  My grand daughter also had great results.  Thank you, Dr. Fields!”
Marge Romayor – San Jose, CA

Deviated septum helped with cranial adjustingAfter tonsil surgery when I was young, I started to have constant nasal and post nasal drip issues. At age 20 I started having a chronic cough with a feeling of thickness in my throat.  From college roommates to family members, everyone around me was concerned.  They would constantly tell me I had to get it taken care of.  This began a cycle of going to doctors who would say there was nothing wrong with me and people in my life prodding me to go to another doctor.  I would try to ignore the whole thing yet wanted a fix.

My primary care doctor on the East coast told me that I had a deviated septum.  After doing some research, cranial adjusting seemed somewhat appropriate and I thought I would give it a shot.

I went with Dr Fields partly because I respect the Pettibon System (The technique of chiropractic he practices).  He performed one series of cranial adjustments with a follow up two weeks later.

My throat now feels cleared, I do not have the nasal issues and everyone around me is saying, “Hey, you stopped coughing!”

Ravi P. – Boston, Mass.

My nasal passages haven’t been this clear since I was a kid! Thanks Dr Fields“My nasal passages haven’t been this clear since I was a kid!”

Jason Norish – San Jose, CA



Sinus Infections Helped with Endonasal Cranial Adjusting with Balloon - Dr Adam Fields chiropractor San JoseSince I was a kid I would get a cold and my head would be in pain and misery with a raging sinus infection. I would be out of commission for 2-3 days minimum 4-5 times per year.  I would be completely useless.  Now, since the cranial adjustments, I bounce back.  I don’t even have one day that I am down. I maybe have a slower day but I am fully functional at work.  No pain or pressure or issues that I used to have.                Davorin Skender – Cleveland, OH


Surfer with chronic sinus problems is cured at Dr Fields“I suffered continual sinus infections and headaches throughout the year for decades.  Immediately after the cranial adjustments I felt like I could breathe through my entire skull.  Like I had lungs up in my brain!  And I haven’t had a sinus infection in 6 years now.”  Kirk Kintzel – Santa Cruz, CA



Chronic Sinus Infection gone with Endonasal Cranial Adjusting - Dr Fields“I had to use Nasonex and Flonase due to chronic sinus infections.  After getting my first cranial adjustment I felt so much clearer in so many ways.  Dr Fields then gave me two series of cranial adjustments with the balloon.  Now, it has been years and I have not had a sinus infection.”
Judy Nelson – Los Gatos, CA


More Energy with cranial adjusting in San Jose at Dr Fields chiropractic office“I came to see Dr. Fields looking for more energy.  I would drag
most of the morning and have severe fatigue in the afternoon.  At night my sleep would not refresh but further frustrate me.  Since cranial adjusting, I have an abundance of energy, get way more out of my day and sleep well at night.” 
Jon Magnussen – Rejkjavic, Iceland


Finally able to get a good night sleep. Thank you Dr. Fields“I had sleep apnea for as long as I could remember. 10 to 15 hours
of restless sleep per night was a norm for me but I would still feel fatigued throughout the day. Power naps did not work. Recently, I had a series of cranial adjustments with Dr Fields and now I sleep 7 to 8 hours and feel rested.  My life has so improved.  Thank you Dr. Fields!!!” 
Sam Chen, CMT – San Jose, CA


Sleeping great with cranial adjustments from Dr Fields. No more insomnia!For over 3 years I was only sleeping for 4 to 6 hours per night and it was always restless.  After my first cranial adjustment I instantaneously began to sleep better.  I slipped into a deeper 7 hour sleep.  Along with that, the connection between the fast thoughts that come into my mind and the words that come out of my mouth is seamless and synching seamlessly.  Dr Fields’ cranial adjustments are amazing.

Kyle Borchers – San Jose, CA