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Kim Wendrow

Kim Wendrow - Massage therapist at Fields Family Chiropractic


Kim has over 20 years of experience and when you are on her table you will feel the difference. She began her career at the Center of Body Harmonics but has made a life’s quest of serving others.



Your muscles will have a many options with Kim:  

  • A Swedish massage with Kim is total luxury. Is it time to pamper yourself?
  • Her rhythmic Shiatsu massage will calm your nervous system, improve circulation and loosen tight muscles. 
  • When your feet are talking to you give them to Kim for a Reflexology massage that will send waves of healing to your whole body. 
  • What about deep tissue massage?  Well, Kim has caressing elbows that can provide the deep healing your body craves. 

We are so fortunate to have someone who is totally dedicated to the people she serves!

So, whether it’s injury recovery, relief from sore muscles or a  “magic carpet ride” massage, with Kim you will be getting the best.

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