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Reflexology… Interpreting the map of your feet

Reflexology - A scientific approach to a foot massageWalk     Reflexology is applied to the feet and sometimes to the hands so these ever important tool of yours will be quite happy.

Affect     Pressure points on the feet correspond to certain areas of the body and can help the health of these body systems.

Release   Many report short term emotional reactions such as extreme relaxation, tearfulness or thoughtful introspection.

Alleviate   Relieve pain associated with various parts of the body. 

Support    Help digestion, breathing and circulation improve.


  • It is amazing that allergic rhinitis (runny nose due to allergies) has had success through foot and ear reflexology.  Combine that with cranial adjusting and you may say good-by to your allergies for good.
  • A study in China showed Foot reflexology to be effective for acute abdominal pain.  Even better results than the injection of pain medication.
  • Foot reflexology was shown to be an effective method of treating constipation in children.
  • Three different studies have shown results for the treatment of Gout.
  • There is great evidence that headaches are helped with footReflexology at Fields Family Chiropractic helps relieve pain reflexology. From tension, to migraine, acute headaches, neurasthenia and agioneurotic it is well worth seeking help through reflexology for headaches.
  • Korea and China both have studies showing success with hypertension (high blood pressure).
  • There is some evidence of help with infertility. However, more research is needed.
  • Premenstrual Tension (PMS) can be eased with foot reflexology.
  • In an Australian study, pregnant women had a reduction in foot and ankle edema (swelling) and were helped to decrease levels of stress, tension, anxiety, pain, fatigue and irritablility associated with the pregnancy.
  • In France, 15 patients with sleeping disorders were given foot reflexology sessions.  All of them were able to decrease or stop their sleeping medication after the sessions.

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